Delhi Legislative Assembly
Short Duration Discussions
List of Short Duration Discussions

One of the important devices available to the Members to draw attention of the Government to matters of urgent public importance is to raise short duration discussion on such matters under Rule 55 of the Rules of Procedure.

Notice for raising discussion: A member desirous of raising discussion on a matter of urgent public importance for short duration has to give notice in writing to the Assembly Secretary, specifying clearly and precisely the points on which he wishes to raise the discussion. The notice is required to be accompanied by an explanatory note and should be supported by two other members. (Rule 55).

The Speaker decides the admissibility of a notice of short duration discussion. All such admitted notices are placed before the Business Advisory Committee, which, considering the importance of the issue and time available with the House, allocates time and date for the discussion.

There is no formal motion before the House or voting. The member who has given notice and two other members as decided by the BAC initiate debate on the discussion. Other members can also participate in the debate with the permission of the Speaker. The discussion ends with the remarks of the Minister concerned.

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